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Goals of the Technical Training Program

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Goals to achieve within technical training in five different areas of individual and team technical skills…


  • Fast feet
  • Flexibility – change of direction
  • Change of pace
  • Space awareness
  • Both feet
  • Dribbling and passing combined

Passing and Shooting

  • Correct body and foot positions
  • Different techniques – inside, outside, instep
  • Precision
  • Different distances
  • Volleys, scissor  kicks

Receiving and Trapping

  • Secure the ball
  • Receive away from pressure
  • Prepare for dribbling, passing , shooting
  • Control the ball without losing pace
  • Combine with faints

Feints / Moves

  • Quality – do it “with heart”
  • With change of speed
  • Appropriate for the situation/position
  • Follow up actions-passing, shooting
  • Learn alternatives
  • Quantity-create repertoire


  • With jumping off both feet
  • With jumping off one foot – on the run
  • With  change of direction
  • Defensive
  • Attacking

 Age Group 8 – 10 years old


The ideal age to get the basic soccer techniques. Skills are practiced with more awareness and purpose than in younger age groups.

Emphasis on:

  • Dribbling: Learn and practice to use all parts of both feet to go forward, change direction, stop and turn with the ball.
  • Receiving: Learn and practice to receive oncoming balls on the ground and from the air with different parts of the body
  • Passing and Shooting: Learn and practice to pass and shoot with both feet using different parts of the foot
  • Juggling: Learn and practice to keep the ball off the ground using different parts of the body, but mostly feet. Not to be underestimated, as it teaches body coordination and ball control.

Our Goal:

To have every player be comfortable with the ball and to make them understand the significance and need to improve their individual skills in order to become better players.

Age Group 10 – 12 years old


The age for developing basic proficiency – drills and games to develop the basic skills in a game environment.

Emphasis on:

    • Further development of the individual skills of every player in simulated game environment, with a partner/against an opponent.
    • Working on the first touch away from the opponent and pressure
    • Further development of the passing and shooting techniques – short and long passes, low and high shots.
    • Working on understanding small group/team work and encouraging it.
    • Introducing heading technique – using soft balls, e.g. volleyballs

Our Goal:

To create an environment, where players can become familiar with different elements of the game and its difficulty factors: team mates, positional play, opposition, pressure, timing, speed, etc.

Age Group 12 – 14 years old


The age to develop competitive proficiency – learning to solve problems in a game.

Emphasis on:

      • 1 v 1 – defensive positioning
      • 1 v 1 – attacking positioning
      • Behavior off the ball – creating space, passing and scoring opportunities
      • Build-up play – possession and passing
      • Transition from defense to attack and vice versa

Our Goal:

To make players understand the importance of team work, to be able to combine with team mates to choose the correct option for continuing the play. The most important thing is the result of what you do, as a player within the team.

Age Group 14 – 18 years old


The age to compete at higher level, high intensity competitive soccer, national and international tournaments.

Emphasis on:

      • Passing drills with less touches, variable distance, both feet
      • Keep away games and transition drills with high intensity and opposition
      • Shooting drills – 1v1; 1v2; 2v2; 3v2 etc.
      • Team/group tactical drills : defensive and offensive

Our goal:

To prepare players and teams to be competitive and successful at city, provincial and national level. To provide expert advice and training for players, who want to continue their careers at university and professional level.

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